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a billion cares a thousand stings

you cry secretly

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emile hirsch, keiran culkin, johnny depp, dominic monaghan, rupert grint, orlando bloom, billy boyd,
matthew fox, josh holloway,rob pattinson, john krasinski, james & oliver phelps, daniel radcliffe,
conon o'brian, keira knightley, evangeline lilly, emilie de ravin, maggie grace, emma watson,
the dangerous lives of altar boys,POC 1&2, harry potters, lost, prison break,anchorman,
camp nowhere, secret window, memento, there's something about mary, the office,
poutines, lord of the rings

darkness, scary movies, bugs, peas, steak, brocolli, spinache, winter, humidity, people who hate
things i like, teachers, people who cant make up their minds, liars, cheaters, fakes, trying to be
something your not, followers, people who think they're the shit,